Monday, March 16, 2015

What’s in Your Bag?

Everybody has something going on in the pockets of this carrier of tennis equipment and perhaps a whole lot more.

What's in yours? Let us know! (Use the comment form below.)

Here’s what is in mine:

Main Pocket
3 Prince EXO3 Rackets

2nd Pocket
Way too many loose balls (bound for the hopper), 2 cans of tennis balls

1st Side Pocket
Two sweat towels
Water bottle (Blue)
A shoe bag – never used
A rather obscene object some clown tossed in my bag at Moose League, but it’s great for a laugh between matches.

A zipper pouch I haven’t looked in (glad I just did) for years, which has:
  • A spray bottle of sun block which I have never used along with a packet of Capri Sun Sport Drink powder mix stuck to it.
  • A tube of IcyHot with a packet of Capri Sun Sport Drink powder mix stuck to it. Another tube of IcyHot barely used.
  • A bottle of eye drops
  • One adhesive bandage (the outside of the package seems more adhesive than the bandage probably is – some liquid got loose in here)
2nd Side Pocket
Pair of shoelaces (this is one of those tough things to come by quickly when needed – I have never used them), lip balm, roll of medical tape (handy, but doesn’t work so well on broken rackets)

Another Side Pocket (the working pocket)
  • Cell phone, wallet, keys
  • Three empty sunglasses pouches (not sure why)
  • Note pad, pens and business cards (you never know)
  • A Huggie (Koozie to some) with a drink ticket in it from a recent tournament
So take a look in your tennis bag and let us know What’s in Your Bag. You may be surprised.

The Wilson tennis bag I have been using for over 7 years is still doing great - nothing broken.

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