Speak Up!

Speak Up!
Do you have an interesting or funny story about a tennis match?

How about something interesting that happened off-court with your tennis friends?

Maybe you have some unique practice you do to prepare for a match or the tennis crowd where you live has put together a cool little league or play some different format?

Perhaps you just went on a fantastic tennis vacation?


Important! If you have a story or experience and don't wish to name names, there are plenty of pronouns: he, she, it, the, they, them, him, her, girl, guy, bad-line-call-person, jerk and the like you can use. Just be nice and if someone later says you mentioned them, but you actually didn't identify them, then okay. They already knew.

There is so much that takes place on the court during a match and so much else revolves around tennis.

You be can't more inane with some of the articles and stories we have posted. Or can you?

Here is where you can speak up.

Enter your message below in the Comments section, creating a title and a by-line with your name and where you call home at the bottom of your story, article, etc. We will re-post it in a topic category(s) best suited. Please indicate the state, country or territory where the event occurred, whichever.

Speak Up!

Thank you.


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  1. Playing tennis Sunday with "Double Fault" Mike. He got this name because he rarely lets up on that 2nd serve. So I hear him say to his partner, "I'm hitting all first serves today, even on my 2nd serve. Hopefully the winners I hit will make up for the double faults." Wow, I thought, he has figured this thing to a science. If only his first serves were good enough to be aces... Do I need to say that DF Mike is on my mental list of people not to be a partner with? Bobby Kahle