Thursday, September 26, 2013

Okay, So I Did Name My Water Bottle

Blu in a Shoe
Blu in a Shoe
I've been known to personify objects in conversation or during a joke, but I rarely name inanimate objects.

Now, I do tend to name things which have motors or wheels - a car named Roxy, another named Land Cruiser, a bicycle named Gracie and even a chain saw named Fred.

I've never even named a tennis racket (more in a second) and this I have known a few guys to do on occasion - usually it's some ominous name like Crusher or The Blade. The former owner could crush a ball but had a hard time keeping it in and the latter would slice a ball so close it would have no authority and got crushed at the net. So much for that.

Well, my water bottle, Blu is her name, has been by my side, in-hand, on the bench or in my tennis bag for nearly eight years now. She's also been to the gym, cycling, hung out with Fred (the chainsaw) during some yard work or anywhere else I need a container to hold something refreshing - easy-to-use and leak-proof.

You can learn more about Blu, her beginnings and our time together at Water You Talkin' About  and Equipment Update - SPORTLINE Water Bottle.

Eight years is a long time. I usually lose 7 pairs of sunglasses and break three wrist watches in that amount of time. As for tennis rackets, five broke on me in six months a few years ago (most were Wilson Hammer Whatevers). This is a lot considering I've never intentionally damaged a racket. Perhaps this is why I don't name rackets - I know it won't be a long-lived relationship and naming one would actually make the loss more difficult.

By the way, she doesn't like the in-the-shoe bit. It's not a hygiene concern - she just thinks it's degrading. I just laugh.

Blu has faded a little (too much fun-in-the-sun) and she's even been in hiatus a few times in someone else's car or hanging out at a tennis club for a few days, but she always returns.

She has a few minor dents and dings now, but hey, so do I. Still no leaks, though I still have concern about this, but only when she's holding a beer. For some reason, after a match and holding water or a sports mix for such a long time, it's like beer just goes right through her. I've searched, but no leak. It's the oddest thing.

We know it won't last forever so we're just going to enjoy it while we can.

If you have an invaluable tennis accessory, object of superstition or simply an asinine tennis related story to tell, please go to Speak Up! and tell everyone.

Blue Chillin' After a Tough Match
Chillin' After a Tough Match
Blu Watching Tennis
Her TV Tennis Spot
Very Suspicious
Very Suspicious

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