The Local Worldwide Tennis Community

This is Pete's place (Okay, I write it.) and our blog is all about anything and everything going on in the local world of tennis, wherever, including yours. So speak up!

We will always do our best to reflect on anything Tennis and keep you abreast with what's going on with the pros, but ultimately, our interests are solely with what is going on across the nation, with us - the amateur, recreational and league tennis player. This is where the fun lies and for which most of us play the game.

You can expect the following and we expect the same from you:
  • On-court Experiences (stories, lessons learned, funny and fun stuff)
  • Off-court Experiences (stories, funny and fun stuff beyond the lines and the fences with your team and tennis friends)
  • What's Going on in Your Neck of the Woods (leagues, other tennis formats, different and fun tennis activities)
  • Tips and Tricks (what you find works in the heat of the battle - from the finest little racket or stroke adjustment to game strategy)
  • Equipage (your tennis tool box - what equipment makes your time on court productive and more comfortable)
  • Anything (goes): If it relates to Tennis and the love for the game, then we will take a stroke at it and we expect an interesting return from you.
  • More, much more
If you have a story, experience or comment not related to one already posted, then speak up!