Monday, March 2, 2015

University of Minnesota's Identity Crisis - What is That?

University of Minnesota Police Department Suspect Sketch Artist and Eye Witness:

"So the suspect had one nose, two eyes and a mouth. Any ears?"
"Yes, two of them."
"Great, we're done here"
"Wait. I believe the person I saw was male."
"Can't use that...sexist."
"Okay, he was about 5'5'' and weighed about 260."
"Nope. Sounds obese. Can't use that either."
"Well, he was dark skinned and..."
"Stop right there! That's racist."
"No. He has this really great tan. It's my roommate."
"Alright mister. That’s quite enough out of you. Now you’re stating the obvious and we don't allow that here."

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