Thursday, April 9, 2015

Family Circle Cup - One of Charleston's Best Kept Secrets

What is one of the best-kept secrets for tourists (or locals) in Charleston?

Charles Towne Landing. Most who travel to Charleston, think of the wonderful food, walking through historical Charleston Proper, the beaches, islands and the people. Charles Towne Landing is a few miles inland and was the original settlement of the area by the English back in 1670.

Take the family (little ones will love it) or grab your significant other and enjoy a little getaway. I have been there about ten times since I was a kid and it has never been crowded. The attractions are sparsely scattered around the beautiful 80 acre property. The Animal Forest is a natural (without being attacked) as you can get – no zoo here.

You have to check out the Adventure to get a true feel of what it may have been like to have the (tennis) balls to venture the expanse of the Atlantic back then to find a new life. England must have truly sucked. Well, they have certainly come a long way. Ha to my British friends. Now, back off!

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