Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Tennis Has An Income Inequality Problem

The following article definitely merits attention and may pose many questions and stir up some ideas you have particularly if you have watched tennis tournaments or team matches on television and attended a few pro events at a variety of levels.

So many light bulbs lit up when reading this - mostly dim ones as this topic is so broad in scope and geography that one must consider so much when addressing the issue.

One will need the input from so many and it looks as if this is beginning to be done.

I would love to see (literally) more lower-level pros playing, knowing they are making a financial gain in doing so whether or not they are moving up to the big time.

Hell, I wish a lot more teaching pros were making a go of their careers successfully full-time. 

The article is by Carl Bialik of FiveThirtyEightSports.

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