Monday, December 1, 2014

Inspiring Words at an Otherwise Difficult Time

One of our web site owners took the time to post the following to his web site.

Not much else need be said by us.

"It's cold and as I type it is raining out.  Yet, I know within me that it is good to be here, good to have friends and family, and I am thankful.  Today I learned that a friend of ours lost her son in a car accident, he was a good guy and very talented. He was 32.  These, things are tragic and painful, but I hope in light of it we can pause for a minute at least, to realize how lucky we all are.  We are lucky to have each other, and have something in common that we all love, enjoy, and brings us together i.e. tennis.   Tennis to me, is more than something I do, it is who I am.  I love everything about it, and moreover, love its people."
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