Monday, November 10, 2014

Featured Tennis Web Site Owner - Teaching Tennis Pro Mark Sheldon

We hadn't met Mark Sheldon personally, although we had assisted him via e-mail, until we did a Free Web Site Review with him. He had done so well with his web site; we asked if he had any experience with doing so or with the Internet. His answer was, "No, I just took your instructions and ran with it."

We truly loved hearing this. Providing tennis web sites which teaching tennis pros and tennis team captains actually own, not rent, with no hidden fees, is our goal.

Mark took the slideshow gadget and ran with it and then he also added the stats gadget to his web site. He then added a list of upcoming tournaments using the list of links gadget - nice touch. 

We hope teaching tennis pros and others, like Mark, will want, not need, the support we provide for years to come, but if not, okay. Perhaps he's doing just fine on his own. We are simply thankful we had the opportunity to get him started toward having a web site he will actually use for many, many years to come.

Please visit his web site at MARK10SPRO.


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