Wednesday, April 9, 2014

That's it. We Are Done With Family Circle Cup - 2014

Well, almost. We still have to collect and compile all the prize entries from our various social networks. We will do so over the next few days and notify the winners.

The WTA, and more specifically, Family Circle and the facility and tournament staff did a fantastic job, a fact most all the competing pros seem to never overlook.

How about those pro ladies? Except for perhaps the 2nd round of singles, there were far more matches going three sets or tight two sets than otherwise.

The surrounding businesses and people of Daniel Island were gracious and inviting. The weather was mostly perfect for players and fans alike and even on the day of the most threatening forecast, clouds, some cooler weather and about 30 minutes of light rain was the worst the skies provided.

We truly enjoyed covering and watching the tournament, not to mention all the people we met and new friends we made. Many of you we will be contacting soon.

Thank you to all of you who participated and followed along with us. 

Play the Game!

Doug Ingbretsen Tennis

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