Saturday, March 15, 2014

Family Circle Cup - Three Weeks of Tennis

Our Family Circle Cup "Three Weeks of Tennis" at Pete's Tennis Press begins today, March 15, and lasts through the last stroke of the Finals.

We plan to provide you with some pertinent news (prize opportunities) from Family Circle Cup as we lead up to the tournament, while keeping you abreast of what's going on with ladies coming to the event.

We will also be covering the world of women's tennis, the men on the ATP and providing some commentary (prize opportunities) on the Sony Open down in Miami.

Thanks to some wonderful sponsors, such as Tennis Express, YTEX Strings and Andy Ace Tennis, we have over 70 prizes waiting for you to stake your claim to, and some wonderful discounts as well.

We are going to ease into our tournament coverage of Family Circle Cup as we know many of you are enjoying current tournaments or are out there on your local or club courts vying for your next win.

But, you can become eligible for Prizes by going to Pete's Tennis Press right now. Then you can increase your odds of winning, by simply doing what you would otherwise, give your comments and tell the rest of the Tennis Community what you think. Wow, so easy! You've done this before.

If nothing else, have fun with our coverage, participate or not and feel free to give us your feedback.

Thank you!

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