Saturday, September 28, 2013

Kill the Golfers?

I didn't start playing golf until way into my adult years. Actually I did play prior to this, but not with much thought or effort. It was another excuse I didn't need to catch some rays, slam down some cold ones and enjoy the outdoors. Golf car(t)s added a little something to it also. Must be the motors and wheels thing us guys gravitate toward, even at 12 miles an hour. Yeah, I know - must of us have gone much faster in them at some time.

I finally took golf somewhat serious when I realized it was an essential part of my career and greens fees and most everything else associated with an outing (balls, beverages, 19th hole, lunch or dinner), short of my bag, clubs and shoes, was paid for by persons other than me. Okay, I can learn the proper etiquette and how to better play the game. And, I did.

In fact, some of my most active tennis years were also the years I played the most golf. Beyond the unspoken (totally funded) job requirement, I lived on a country club with two 18's. Fortunately our tennis membership consisted of a few club board members, so we didn't lose (funding) out all the time to the golf membership.

This is when I learned a lot about the golfer and tennis player relationship and I believe they are defined by the varying opinions they have of one another or the other's primary sport of choice. Firstly, I must say I am not a sports bigot (story later) - there's much more which consumes my thoughts. I say, "Live and let play."

  • Tennis players who appreciate golf for what is, but who have never played or choose not to.
  • Tennis players (primarily) who also enjoy playing golf.
  • Golfers (primarily) who somehow tolerate the sport of tennis and tennis players.
  • Golfers (only) who get oddly irritated by tennis and probably couldn't make a straight 6 inch putt if they were to hear a racket make contact with a tennis ball or even the sound of tennis shoes shuffling about a court.

It's proof: Tennis players are more well-rounded.

But, should we kill the golfers? Of course not.

However, I do recommend a cool gift for your tennis/golfer and golfer friends.

Tennis Golf Balls

These killer tennis golf balls would be a great gift for yourself or a tennis friend who enjoys golf.

Or, you may want to give it as a gag gift to one of your golfer friends who can't stand tennis (Oh, this goes without saying.). They'll probably only come out of his or her bag on water holes or in fits of rage. You know how some of them get.

You can check out the specs and order some by clicking here.

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