Thursday, August 8, 2013

Our Web Site Owner Support System is Up and Running

Pete's Pals, our Web Site Owner Support System is now on-line for Web Sites for Pros and Web Sites for Tennis Captains customers.

This is a mix of user community comment, input and solutions all moderated and organized so that you are receiving a verified solution from us while also being able to view the concerns and ideas of others.

In other words, we take all comments, questions, issues and respond to them so that you our customers are receiving a work-toward answer or down-right solution from us, while also giving others the opportunity to share what they know or use on their own web sites.

E-mail and phone support is provided.

You are not dependent upon all the other users for answers or supposed answers like many other so-called help or support services.

Pete's Pals Web Site Owner Support System

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