Wednesday, August 7, 2013

For the LinkedIn Tennis Gang

Hopefully you girls and guys out there have been seeing (perhaps reading, we hope) some info, advertisements, articles and other stuff from us here at Tennis recently, particularly those of you in the Wonderful World of Tennis. 

Not that the rest of the world is not simply peachy, we just happen to have this affliction which includes this odd shaped (lovely though) stringed object somewhat attached to one of our upper limbs and we find it quite exhilarating.

And, it's not just only the love of the game, the playing of the sport, the competition. It's all the friends we have made, the events attended and all these other gyrations and ancillary events and relationships that somehow orbit around this sport on most every level and at most every locale.

Playing tennis can be as grueling and demanding as you ask of yourself, a very social encounter, as gruel and demanding as your opponent asks of you, or all the aforementioned and a whole lot more. 

Those of you who have spent any length of time playing at the amateur level, leagues, tournaments, recreational or otherwise, know what we are talking about. 

This is our market. And, all those who support it are those for whom we wish to establish relationships.

If you have a role in doing so (we're already in contact with a few of you), we wish to speak with you about some co-op advertising in whatever fashion makes the most sense for the both of us.

We are implementing affiliate marketing and other pay-per-this and pay-per-that technologies and services (nothing new here), but there are other more creative and productive ways of supporting one another's sales and business goals.

As we are an Internet-based company (until we go brick-and-mortar and design one of the top tennis clubs in the country), we can quickly implement advertising, assist you on your end if it's not your thing or work with whomever you use for web design or marketing.

Please contact me, Doug Ingbretsen, at 803-553-5757 or Contact Us at 3rdToad.

Thank you.

Play the Game!

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