Monday, August 12, 2013

Nadal and Djokovic Face to Face, Well Sort Of

Nadal and Djokovic - Face to Face
Did Rafa intend to tag Novak in the face with the tennis ball? Was there some message being sent by Rafa?

Novak was close to the net while Rafa was approaching to take a backhand shot, which could have easily been sent down Djokovic's line, not up his nasal cavity.

Novak did position his racket down and toward his left in anticipation of the down-the-line shot, making him a less protected target. 

We rarely see such shots made by players at this level. Nah, no way.

Even at the upper-middle club level rarely do you see a player put a shot at another's grill, but it does happen.

Heck, I even hit my ex-wife between points one time and I can absolutely, positively, tell you it wasn't intentional. Check it out at

Only these two guys really know. Or, at least one of them does.

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