Saturday, February 7, 2015

Again, The Effective Use of a Tennis Backboard

By now, you may know how much I believe the use of a tennis backboard may allow any tennis player to work on most any aspect of their game. Do you think boxers, swimmers or most any other athlete is always sparring or competing against a partner or competitor when they are in training? Is their coach totally responsible for their game, or your teaching pro, for yours?

No! Particularly not when working on the fundamentals and form. Can you afford to have a professional hitting partner who will ensure you repetitively work on your weakest stroke, your slightest missteps in your footwork or help you hone your biggest weapon?

Below is a video, by Ian Westermann, providing some effective techniques you may wish to consider the next time you take to court with that one opponent who will tell you no lies, nor let you down - the backboard.

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