Monday, January 19, 2015

Slippery When Wet?

Have you ever been playing a match and those tears from heaven begin raining down on your court and all you want to do is continue play - your game is spot-on, you have the tennis fever or you simply feel great because your in-laws just left from a three-day visit?

At Moose League a few years ago, during a chilly December morning, we began to get a slight drizzle which slowly increased with the sky lending itself toward nothing otherwise for quite some time. After a while this is when I and most other sane people are likely to pack it up and head for shelter.

For some reason, on this day, no one vacated the courts and we continued to play. I was ready to grab a few Ziploc bags, toss a few tennis balls in them and continue until the last point. Of course, we could get away with this at Moose League because we we're all pretty much going to stand our ground and not make any quick moves or go for the angles simply to keep things going - soaking-wet tennis courtesy. Of course this came to an end as soon as the balls were completely soaked, heavier than Bocce balls and one or one's opponent was splattered once too often in the face during a nice spin or slice shot.

I usually refrain from playing in these conditions because I like to move and this becomes a huge physical health liability - the courts are usually slippery when wet.

However, talk about slippery. Check these guys out. (Not bad play either.)

How about one for nostalgia's sake.

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