Wednesday, October 22, 2014

USMC vs South Korea in Drum Line Battle

Here they are, the United States Marine Corps, not representing the United States as occupiers and conquerors, but as competitors and perhaps comrades from a war and people we fought for and with, South Korea, in another country which we fought against, Japan.

It's odd how history (our history) show's how our intent and humanitarian efforts shine through the years even after having to or doing the most horrific things most of us would not wish for anyone.

We are not a country of occupiers and conquerors, even at times when perhaps being so would have made some type of strategic or economic sense.

So here we are, sparring in a drum line fight with the South Koreans, both sides giving praise to the other. 

I love how the USMC leader summarizes the performance, "It's a tie".

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