Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The Case for No Cut

Following is an article by Lissa Johnston, quite a superb teaching pro at quite a phenomenal public facility, Cayce Tennis and Fitness Center

Lissa has great passion for 10 and Under Tennis and also those years which follow for our youth taking court or wishing to do so, well into their teens and perhaps beyond.

The following by Lissa illustrates her passion for the sport and its accessibility to all, particularly the young-ones.

This information may be of great benefit to tennis parents and teaching tennis pros.

by Lissa Johnston

Lots of great info from the USTA South Carolina tennis coaches workshop I attended recently. New drills forthcoming. In the meantime I am taking a moment for a brief rant about 'no cut' tennis teams. If you are not into rants, just be patient and new drills will be posted over the next few days.

Rant Commences Here

When the workshop broke for lunch, I was fortunate to be sitting at a table with lots of great tennis folks including Barbara Jones from St. George SC and some of her pals who have done amazing things getting youth tennis going there. SC Tennis Hall of Famer Bernie McGuire also joined us. Bernie is the tennis coach at a private school called Hammond in Columbia, SC. I had never met Bernie in person, but had worked with him by proxy, coordinating a friendly with some of his players last fall through his assistant, Bob Crab. I introduced myself and we talked about Hammond a little bit. He mentioned he had 71 girls on his no cut tennis team.


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