Monday, February 3, 2014

Another Wozniacki Coach Goes on Permanent Holiday

Tennis Holiday
According to the Danish newspaper Ekstra Bladet, Caroline Wozniacki has fired yet another tennis coach, this time for wanting to go on holiday rather than join her for some training in Dubai.

Something is rotten in Denmark and perhaps with northern Europe. If you have looked at the Happiest Countries in the World reports, that began, I don't know when, you will notice most of the countries in the top ten are in Northern Europe and Scandinavia. My (I'm half Norwegian - #2 on the Happy Scale) Nordic brothers and sisters seem to be kickin' back and enjoying life.

If Thomas Hogstedt (Swedish - #5 on the Happy Scale) wants to holiday somewhere, so what? It's the thing to do over there. These countries don't need to let go of such traditions. Don't go and fire the man. Suck it up and take some time off-court.

The U.S. is already having a difficult time maintaining a presence in the top twenty in singles, both men and ladies. Don't go and make things worse by spending more time on your game. 

Or one may say, "Don't adopt our work ethic. It may not be working." - no pun intended. The United States only ranked 17th on the Happy Scale for 2013. 

Way back, I was a manufacturer's representative for ten or so companies in the telecom/data world and I got this interesting e-mail from the home office one day and it read something to the effect of, "Don't expect much response from XYZ Company or plan any projects for the next two months. It's July and holiday time in the Netherlands and they are closing the plant for 30 days." Wow!" I thought. "Can I get some of that?"

Michael Mortensen (Danish - #1 on the Happy Scale) was picked up by Wozniacki as her new coach and I don't believe he packed an overnight bag, jumped on a flight and made it to Dubai, UAE (United Arab Emirates - #14 on the Happy Scale). But, I believe her father/coach Piotr was there over the weekend. I have no report on how much training and coaching took place, but Caroline and a female friend were seen walking the fairways cheering on her fiance Rory McIlroy, of Ireland (#18 on the Happy Scale), at the Desert Classic.

I've spent some time in the Middle East and the Persian Gulf region and I have to say, unless I was going to be on a tennis court from sun-up to sun-down and locked in a hotel room the remainder of the time, I would have to reconsider...if I would be staying in Fallujah, Iraq. But it's not - it's Dubai. The police there drive Ferraris, Aston Martins, Bentleys and they added a Bugatti last year. And, what do you do if you don't have an island available on which to build a resort? Build an island that looks (even from a satellite) like a huge, gigantic palm tree, and then build the resort.

Madonna couldn't even let go of the American work ethic when she wrote the song Holiday so long ago.
...If we took a holiday
Took some time to celebrate
Just one day out of life
It would be, it would be so nice...
I know this is metaphorically a state of mind, a release, more or less. But one day? One day out of life? Let's not ask for too much. For crying out loud!

We, us Americans, can still maintain our world status if we take a little more holiday. There are people who can cover for the people who need a little break. In some cases, there are even people who can cover for the other ones covering because many aren't truly working - they're just at a place of employment long enough to get a paycheck.

Quit trying to be so gosh darn important. It'll (whatever it is) be there when you get back. If not, perhaps it (whatever it is) doesn't need you. Ohhhhhhh, that's the problem.
...Holiday Celebrate
Holiday Celebrate...
Yeah. Just work on know what I mean...............

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