Monday, January 20, 2014

Blogger Sign-In Issues

If you go to your new web site ( on the same browser, on the same computer (device) you have already signed in (Google or Blogger account) on, you should see Design and Sign Out in the upper right-hand corner of your web site page.

This should occur unless you have deleted browser history, turned off cookies or taken any other action which would prevent your computer from remembering your last sign-in.

You should select Design if the e-mail address displayed is the one use for your Blogger account.

However; in the same area you may also see an e-mail address other than the one you use for your Blogger account. This means someone else (or yourself) has logged into a different Blogger or any other Google account, using the same browser on the computer (device) you are using.

Select Sign Out and you should be provided a page similar to the following:

If you don't receive a page indicating the correct account or a page similar to the one below, select Add account (as above) or Create an account (as below). This may sound counter-intuitive, but if you use the credentials (email and password) for an existing account, you will simply be signing in to an existing account on the particular computer (device).

If you enter the wrong credentials it will be more than obvious that you have done so and you will be sent to:

Which actually is the page for creating a new Google account. Don't do this unless you wish to create another new Google account.

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