Friday, December 20, 2013

Sometimes You Have to Be an Ass – Part Two

Just Another AssI was living at an apartment community and although I could not be classified as a certified teaching pro, I mentioned to the property management that I would be glad to assist anyone wishing to learn how to play tennis. No big deal - I was willing to charge a measly $20 to $30 dollars an hour.

I also took the opportunity to assist the community staff with establishing a schedule for the tennis court as we only had one. The court was in great condition and had somewhat of a covered patio, much like a gazebo, which is rare for most any individual court.

I scheduled a court time with and a friend and we headed to the court to work on her game as she had just taken up the sport.

We arrive and I see this guy and girl on the court. I waited until they finished a game and asked, as I usually would, "Are you near finishing your match? “No", was his reply." This crappy little attitude came pouring through as if I had asked him something totally abhorrent. 

I told him we had the court reserved and he responded with, "Do you mind if we finish this match?" and I asked, "Where are you in the match?", and he said, "We just started our second set." He obviously missed the "I have the court reserved part." I have been a member of many tennis clubs and would most always delay my court time if others were at some critical point in a match or they would find an equitable stopping point among themselves.

For some reason, I suddenly realized this guy wasn't a resident and I had to ask, "Do you live here?" "No" was his reply, "but, I used to." Okay, I don't get a tee time at a country club because I was once a member or get in free at a cinema because say I saw the movie before. Where does this logic come from?

And then he said, "I am staying with a friend over in building whatever". This was becoming more and more comical. I asked, "Where is your friend from building whatever" “Well, he's not home." Shocking - I couldn't imagine.

This is when being an ass became entirely appropriate. My thoughts were “Why are you playing on our courts?” Which I truly don't mind, “but why are you contesting the fact that I reserved this court? You don't even live here. Get off our court.”

He then asked, (I was laughing) "Do you mind if we finish this game?" I replied with "I don't care if you don't even finish this point. You are done - you don't live here."

I made my way onto court and met him near center net strap (I wasn't waiting for this clown to exit the court) and he called me an "asshole". I laughed and asked him why he would say this. “Because you are.” he said. Again, I laughed.

I didn’t know if I was back in high school or dealing with a drunk at a bar.

Anyway, I laughed again and they left.

Proving, once again, that sometimes you have to be an ass. And, sometimes, being an ass, is just being right.

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