Wednesday, December 11, 2013

O Canada (We Need to Get Better Shipping Rates)

I consider (no one else does) myself somewhat astute and an historian about certain things, but where the hell is the "h" in "O Canada". This would have more oomph with that little ole "h" in there. It should be "Oh, Canada", kind of saucy with a little bit of desire there. Ohkay, never mind.

I haven't spent much time in Canada, other than in Vancouver and Toronto on business, enjoying every time I visited Canada.
Recently we have experienced a lot of interest on our networks from our friends above the northern border. 

My problem is, because the items we ship are so light, but can consume quite substantial packaging space, we are having difficulty finding economical standard shipping across the border. I don't want you spending half the value of your order on shipping based on our standard shipping scenario.

Capone's guys had an easier time getting whiskey across and the Mounties and the Revenue Men couldn't care less (for the most part) about what I want to cross the border.

This is why we are asking you to go ahead and visit The Motto Shop, find what you like, and contact or call us at 803-553-5757 so that we may find the most economical way to get your tennis apparel and accessories to you.

We will work on an easier and more economical standard solution in the meantime.