Sunday, September 15, 2013

What? No More Tennis?

So the U.S. Open is done. The last major, the last slam of the year is finished. Everyone who needed to announce their retirement has done so, maybe. The Davis Cup semi-finals are over as well and we have to wait until mid-November for the finals.

As sports spectators, here in the U.S., I believe many of us turn our eyes toward College Football and the NFL, but I also know this is a time when we get back on the courts for the Fall tennis league seasons across the nation with more lighted-court matches and chillier evenings.

However, the pros are still hammering it out across the globe. The TV coverage may not be what we are used to once the Australian Open kicks off earlier in the year, but rest assured Tennis Channel and a few other broadcasters will be covering the action.

Nadal was not guaranteed to finish number one after winning the U.S. Open, nor does he hold that position, but he is not far from stealing it from Djokovic and it won't take until year's end to do so should he put his mind and body to it. Then again, perhaps he is number one? It depends on which ATP World Tour standings chart you look at. Regardless, there is only a racket string's girth in points difference between the two. Murray is next, but he's far behind.

But hey. The prize money is still there and the pros only get better if they compete. Did I mention the prize money?

For some reason (I believe this is a who-got-on-board-the-tennis-wagon-latest kind of situation), the Far East and Russia tend to be hosting the majority of the last-of-year tournaments and then everything slowly creeps westward back to London for the ATP World Finals in November where the total prize money nears closer to a Slam Event at an estimated $6,000,000.

There are seven ATP 250, five ATP 500 and two ATP 1000 tournaments yet to be completed for the year, with the draws larger respectively.

The Bryan Brothers could shag balls for all the remaining Mens Singles matches and still finish the year Numero Uno. Can you imagine a chest bump by these two after retrieving an odd stray tennis ball? Did I mention the prize money?
As for the Ladies, the WTA has roughly 15 tournaments remaining with the finale to be held at the WTA Championships in Istanbul, Turkey. Oddly enough, there are two or three more tournaments after this one. Again, expect the coverage to be less than expected throughout the earlier part of the year, but picked up by Tennis Channel and a few others.

As for the Ladies Singles Race, although Azarenka has done quite well this year, Serena Williams may have to look under the bleachers to find her point-wise. If she searches further she may find Sharapova and Radwanska down there as well.

I would love to see these four play doubles at end-of-year. In fact, I believe it should be required that the top four singles players from the Ladies and Men be required to play an all-out, no-holds-barred doubles match (injured or otherwise), lest they forfeit 10% of their prize winnings for the year.

Oh yeah, the advertising revenue from the finals, let's not be greedy, the finals only, should go to me.

Between leaves falling (Arizona and New Mexico excluded), trick-or-treaters, pumpkin pie, turkey sandwiches, red zone defenses and tail-gating, there is still much tennis to watch, enjoy and to be played. 

Happy End of Tennis Year Not Quite Thingy!

Let's try to enjoy December when it gets here. Oh darn, that whole family thing kicks in. Shucks!

I'm clueless. It was nearly 90 degrees today.

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