Friday, August 30, 2013

Hair, Nails, Skirts...Talons

All cohesion and teamwork can come together on the tennis court between friends and then again, well...maybe not.

Most of us know the potential dangers of mixed doubles teams consisting of significant others and spouses. See 'Til Match Point Do We Part.

And many of us male doubles partners may have some of the same issues to address on court, perhaps in a different manner, right or wrong (unproductive/destructive), just 'cause we're guys.

But ladies doubles has to be a completely different world when it comes to those words and utterances partners share at the two-foot or two-inch proximity while on court between points.

I have experienced many times what is obvious to the ears and eyes prior, during and after a ladies doubles match. I've heard plenty of post-match recollection of this intimate match play conversation, in dramatic presentation, from friends, loved ones and women I never even knew. It can get quite ugly from what I hear.

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