Saturday, June 29, 2013

Moose League East Coming to Columbia

Yes, it's true. If you have lived here, in or near Columbia, SC long enough and play tennis, you may have heard of Moose League, but you probably asked yourself, "What the hell is that?"

It's no fantasy, not a misnomer (well, actually it is because it's not a league per se) and it has nothing to do with that wonderful and rather large indigenous animal we so often find in the Midlands of South Carolina, wandering or grazing through a gorgeous meadow with tundra under-hoof and a stunning mountain range to the rear of its broad shoulders and even more magnificent antlers.

Okay, so it is partly a fantasy because I've never seen a Moose anywhere near Columbia and I've seen quite a few elsewhere.

Bear with me.  You can learn more about Moose League via the links provided below, but first we need some tennis players who truly enjoy playing tennis. If you are the hardcore competitor during league or tournament play, but know how to step your game down or step it up, depending on your level of play and the opponent across the net, this may be a wonderful way for you to relax a little on the court or work on a few new strokes, shots or strategies. 

No one is going to mind if you come out doing so and perhaps give a tennis peer(s) (similar play level) a run for their money, but don't come out wailing away at anyone and everyone. On the flip-side, if you are new to the game or happy at your level and simply want to enjoy tennis with others, then have at it - have some Moose and eat it too. 

Honestly, this has been taking place consistently for over 30 years. I don't know of any tennis or country club that can say the same. Once we have attracted a substantial number of East Side Moosers this all goes by word-of-mouth and you will never hear from Moose nor I again in regard to recruiting new players. We won't need to - it's oddly infectious and where this type of tennis format and friendship becomes comfort food for many a tennis player. 

If you live in the Greater Columbia Area and are interested, we are considering having Moose League on Saturdays (College Football Season gets dicey), then working toward a Sunday Play Day. The home court proposed for now is Trenholm Park and trust me, Moose League has moved once in the ten years I've been playing in it. But, if you have any other ideas, let me know. 

Play is usually in the morning whether you are bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, hungover or your appearance is not otherwise acceptable to the general public - we'll take you.

Please use the comment feature below, contact me at or call Doug @ 803-553-5757. It may take a few weeks or months to get things going full-board, but it's well worth it if you love Tennis. 

Before you know it we will have Moose League four days a week like we do near Moose headquarters over in Lexington.

Please check out the following to learn more about Moose League:

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