Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Tennis and Fitness

Dainyell Fox
Tennis Pro and Personal Trainer
Tennis is a competitive sport and on most levels we are rewarded with the social aspects as well, yet, tennis is not a substitute for a complete form of physical health and the answer to all your fitness needs, even if you are a pro – ask them.

Tennis, recreationally or otherwise, requires much more from the human body and incorporates many  more movements (great stuff) and brings into play a variety of muscle groups, joints and associated tissues, than those required of most other sports (the studies have been done).

In light of this, nurturing these muscles and joints in some other fashion is not only critical in allowing one to continue to play the game for a lifetime, it allows you to have more fun on-court, experiencing less injuries - helping you reach the extra height needed to place more authority on the next overhead, approaching the net more quickly to finish off the point or ripping the next groundstroke with control for a put-a-way winner.

The cardiovascular benefits are there, of course depending on level of play and whether or not it be singles or doubles, simply based on the court coverage required or not. 

Note:  If you’re not busy moving around the court and positioning yourself in doubles, you are either shorting your partner, you’re unaware of proper doubles technique or you’re simply lazy or out of shape. 

Doubles may not be as aerobic as singles play, yet it still requires a whole lot of movement and mental bursts which may be more exhausting than singles.  Most of us work up more of a sweat watching a serious doubles match than we do watching a slow-developing singles match. 

You don’t have to be a fitness fanatic or gym rat to enhance your game or to ensure you can play the game you enjoy so much for years to come; however, you can take advantage of and capitalize on your game and court time by spending some additional time on your overall fitness whether on your own or at a local gym.

In other words, if you already play tennis, on whatever level, you have chosen to participate in one of, if not the most physically demanding and socially rewarding sports in the world.  Take this a few notches further by working on your overall fitness, if not simply for your own health, but to enhance your time on-court.

We look forward to bringing tennis and fitness pros to I Toad You So and whom will assist you with working on your total game and your total fitness as well.

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