Thursday, December 27, 2012

Equipment Update - SPORTLINE Water Bottle

I know this is exciting stuff. Not really, but you have to love those little things you buy and use that always work and don't seem to go away

This is one of them. Fortunately, I can't lose it.

8 months later and it has a few more dings in the base from being dropped on the tennis court, falling off a piece of gym equipment or being launched from my bicycle during some crazy maneuver.

I don't know if they still offer this product, but you can Google sportline and see what they have.

This little jewel has been thrown in the back of vehicles and sat in my tennis bag for hours and I have never had a spill. I love not dealing with the typical nipple thingy which is hard to drink from and just as difficult to clean.

If I knew more I would tell you.

If you know of another product which holds liquids so well, insulated or otherwise, let us know.

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